We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For.

While the world sets stage to the summit in Paris to work towards saving our planet, here’s a little brief on why it’s so important that we act now.

What’s at stake?

Our lives. Our homes. Our children. Our treasures. Our memories. Our heritage. In short, pretty much everything we’ve known will not be the way we know it if the predicted climate catastrophe plays out as severely as it’s expected to.

The climate crisis is happening now. It’s happening here, there and pretty much everywhere. The world is getting warmer and colder. The world is getting drier and wetter. The world is getting brighter and darker. But for us, the world is only going one way, that’s down.

The consequences of our actions in a globalized and industrialized world last not years or decades or lifetimes for that matter, but multiple generations. And all our reckless actions in the past, when they were the right things to do have brought us into this vicious cycle. What we did not do back then was see the consequences of our actions in a larger time-frame and a global context.

We scrapped the green to make way for machines, factories, establishments and a million more fossil fuel powered devices. Back then, it was the new age.
It was something pulling our society up. And now it is the reason of our downfall.

Today we are that point beyond which deploying our parachutes won’t be of any use. Yes, we are at that turning point in the story of our planet where we either act or not. And if we don’t act now, we rather act never, because it won’t be of much use then.

Moving on, is this is a hopeless story? Or is it a fabricated story of the anarchists?

That we’re all going down anyway. That only the fittest, probably the richest will survive, building higher walls, using air purifiers, advanced water filters, industrially grown food in controlled conditions and more of those trivial innovations.

But no. It’s not a hopeless story. Neither is the hope a mirage or a conspiracy, it’s real. There is a hope that we can still save the planet. I say still, because the destruction is already happening. We didn’t respond when the signs were visible, because it seemed too trivial back then. But right now, the signs have given way for substantial weather anomalies that spark curiosity, despair and a sense of fear.

It’s time to stop talking and start acting. It’s time to shift focus from climate awareness to climate action. The priorities need to shift from appeasing the people to saving the world. What we need now is real action.

Because there will be no masked superhero or an intergalactic group that will save us when the world comes to a likely end, it’s upto us, ordinary men and women with extraordinary will and vigour, courage and love to save the world we’ve always known.

And we can do so, when we will.
Because when there’s a will, there’s a way.

(Image courtesy: 350.org)
Do let me know what you feel about the issue, in the comments section below. And have a great December of the hottest year on record!


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