All Apps will be Windows Phone 8.1 Compatible – Microsoft hints at early release!

Screenshot of App description of 'Asphalt 8: Airborne' on the Indian Store
Screenshot of App description of ‘Asphalt 8: Airborne’ on the Indian Store

Windows Phone 8.1 is out in the open! But not the way you would want it to be.

If you have been to the Windows Phone store recently, you’d be surprised if you look around a bit.

Now, All apps, work with Windows Phone 8.1 but isn’t the hyped OS bump back in closed doors or with select developers?

It is strange that Microsoft is changing the ecosystem without the new OS steps in. I was in a frenzy after checking this, I straight away hooked on my HTC 8X onto my laptop and checked for updates via Wi-Fi. And the reason I did this was that my device is developer unlocked and I guessed there could have been a early beta release, though that is highly unlikely until early April at Build 2014.

Either it’s a silly guy at Redmond or maybe Microsoft’s getting naughty! 😉

Developers are still keen on getting their hands on the massive bump, and as excited are all of you!


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