Windows Phone Experience.

Owning a windows phone is great, great as long as it is a Nokia. And we just got Microsoft following Apple by acquiring Nokia in a bid to ensure end-end control. And honestly speaking, the Windows Phone market is a trash bin, worse than android!

There are a lot of apps made by casual developers and though there are a few which are truly amazing, that’s still a tiny fraction.

I got a windows this holidays, an HTC 8X. Though htc makes it up for a nice windows phone with a premium feel and is great for geeky use, it still has a crappy app suite to comfort the lonely device!

You’ve got NFC, but who to tap with?

Nokia/Microsoft’s essentially selling cameras with phones in them! But their lumia phones still are great when complimented by a vast suite of Nokia exclusive apps like smart shoot etc.

Windows is in dire need of developers and yes, there certainly is a nice market out there, quite unexplored!

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