Russian Formula: You Guys are Pirates! #FreeTheArctic30


“You can’t sink a rainbow, You can’t seize a sunrise.”

I have been following Greenpeace closely along with millions of other people as we tried to stop Arctic drilling, In the case of Shell, they were faulty the first time and they went back. Then a major PR disaster for them at the Formula One. They were carrying out exploratory drills in the United States area of the Arctic and Americans won’t let oily people do what they want and the Government is known for its pro-people stance against big corporate companies , at least in the BP Oil Spill Case.


Then Shell gets an easy way out, drilling in the Russian area is hell better! Safety standards aren’t that strict and there are not many crazy environmental people there! So, it ties up with Gazprom, which is a state-owned Oil Company and so, they got the Russian Government with them, in a sense to say.

The Russian Coast Guard gives warnings to Greenpeace which are mostly baseless, then there’s a face-off and finally the Arctic Sunrise is air-raided by the Coast Guard, the 30 people on board are held prisoners and the ship is towed away.

I expected them to leave those guys at a distance but the Russian folks charged them with piracy! How outrageous as they were in fact protesting against arctic drilling!

Now, The world stands to #FreeTheArctic30. Mr. Putin, how about a talk?

What do you feel?

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