Why Nuclear isn’t Clear.

Nuclear Energy Protest



Nuclear energy has been a way these times to generate electricity and also, these have been the ones massively opposed to and are in places which have all turned into regions of high-conflict. Why?

That’s mostly due to safety concerns. Nuclear isn’t safe and its been proved by shocking disasters. After Chernobyl and then the Fukushima disaster, it seems that we haven’t learnt anything from these disasters. Nuclear energy is still being pursued in India. It is a problem for the people  and it’s also the fear of a future disaster that these are being opposed. And isn’t this the time for the government to look into renewable sectors and invest in the energy of the future? Nuclear isn’t really bad but it comes with dangers that could destroy livelihoods and make matters worse than one can think of.

On the other hand, the government should focus more on solar and wind farms and indulge in sustainable endeavours. India should promote the usage of small-scale solar installations and private renewable energy farms. We need to have certain regulations in place for automobiles and appliances in order to make sure that they do not bleed more energy and there should be a standard for sustainability and efficiency for every manufacturer and business to follow. Our leaders should take climate change and global warming seriously and not stay far behind as bystanders as the modern world governments take on these issues.

Let’s streamline our lifestyles, just a bit and live the cool green way!

Think Green. Go Green.

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