Why Tablets Dominate Over Desktops!

Yes, The PC era is almost gone.


Tablets are a unique breed of devices, they lack the complexity of a PC and incapability and minimalism of Smartphones and Phabelts are the ones that serve nothing, none of the benefits.

Tablets, let’s take the iPad for an example are much friendlier than PC’s!
Nobody is scared touching the screen more than pushing buttons, people are often okay with an iPad but scared of PC’s. Tablet controls are natural, Human Gesture! Just a Swipe and a Touch, simple, isn’t it?
No more single-double-triple left/right clicks!

Where Smartphones stand for mobility, these Desktops stand for productivity, and tablets, they are a fusion of these two in an exciting package!

And another big practical point I’ve noticed is that sometimes people buy Tablets over Desktops because they just don’t go rogue and crash all the time as compared to several hardware issues that desktops face and then tablets got everything, speaker, microphone, GPS, Accelerometer, Gyro and stuff.

A problem with tablets is ‘disk space’. It’s really too limited and cloud isn’t a real cool option unless you got a real fast internet connection and in India even 3G doesn’t work right.

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