Amish Tripathi’s Mahabharat!

-Amish_Tripathi_14-Dec-2012_07,17.jpg-After the huge success of the Shiva Trilogy and recent release of the concluding book, it seems that Amish also wants to narrate the story of Mahabharat in his captivating and modern way.

As, Amish says in the last line of the book, “The Oath of the Vayuputras”

“.. If the Lord Neelkanth allows it, the unadulterated story of that terrible war [Mahabharat] shall also be told one day.”

He has authored the fastest-selling book in India, revolutionized Indian thinking and reading habits and is probably set to narrate another tale and that with his publishing partners, “Westland”.

We Hope and Support him to write and rewrite Indian Mythology[Or is it History?].

Om Namah Shivaiy.

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