Let’s Feed ‘Em. (Birdfeeders to the Rescue!)

Support us in Deploying 50 (or more) Birdfeeders and help out our flying buddies!


Here We Go!

Hey Guys, Thanks for sparing some time to listen to us.

We are a group of children in Bhubaneswar, India and we are quite the guys always babbling around about nature and animals. We love feeding around stray dogs traditional ‘chapattis’ and stuff.

What we wanted to do now was helping out the birds, because they are the ones who have a real hard time around in the Summer. Starving birds lying on the roads aren’t a rare sight either.

We don’t want to highlight the statistics of their deaths and stuff, the problem is the life of these birds who starve and die in the summer. We do help by putting water in small bowls around in the terrace and upon the walls, also we made a birdfeeder prototype which didn’t seem to work. 😛

So what we palnned is to get birdfeeders which are not expensive but which will do the job.

What We Need


The Birdfeeder to be used.

The birdfeeder to be used.

So, the price of the birdfeeder that we have chosen costs 3$ with shipping. Yes its cheap, but it’s India! And we might just need to spend around 2$ per feeder for hanging them or securing them in the places we intend to install. So it amounts to 5$ per birdfeeder and installation.

But the problem is the grains will fill the feeders, Now, that’s not cheap. So, We guess it’s going to be real money shelled out. So we would require a 300$ for securing a full year’s rations and the good thing here is that we’ll shell out more from our kitchens!


Cost of Birdfeeders: 250$ (TARGET – 50) [More is Awesome!]

Cost of Grains: 300$ + Stuff from our Kitchens!

Total: 550 USD. (Also Indiegogo will be taking a really small fee.)

The Impact

We are not going to save a species from extinction, but the feeling to watching birds eat out of the birdfeeders and the fact that we are helping them out and not just pitying on them is our inspiration.

Other Ways You Can Help

Well, Please help us select teh best kind of birdfood and yes please give us some stratergies to attract birds and where to hang these feeders.

Share and Care.

Come on, Tweet for the real guys who tweet around whole day!


I’m Sidharth and You can mail me at rath.sidharth@live.com .

We’ll update you time to time, yeah with photographs and videos!


We are not earning money, but making sure your efforts are acknowleged. 😀

We can also work out the perks if you need a message or any other thing on them.

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