How to make your own free Stylus!

Wondered whether you should get a stylus for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Galaxy devices, Nexus devices and all?

Well, Let me tell you a way to design a free simple stylus for capacitive touch screens, You don’t have to shell out bucks, just a few minutes and you’re done!


What You’ll Need:
A Pen

Do It Yourself!

1. Find a suitable pen, one you would like to be your stylus.

2. Remove the cap and upper part of the pen and then the refill.

3. Cut out a long strip of sponge and then compress and insert it into the upper part of the pen from the small hole to below, Do it carefully!

4. Now you’ll have some part still outside and also in the inner side of the upper part. Now, Join the upper part to the lower part of the pen in such way that there is some sponge still ‘bulging out’.

5. Now you have a part of sponge bulging in the joining point and a part projecting from the pen. Cut and shave the part like your pen tip.

6. Drench it all the way.

7. Use the stylus on your screen as you touch the bulged part in the joint.




Q. Why Water?

A. Just needs some moisture to conduct electricity ( Capacitive Touch-Screens), once drenched in water should do, of course do squeeze it up and dry it considerably!


Tell me about your experiences and any questions if at all, Comment or mail me at rath.sidharth[@] .

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