Nerf Warfare | All Children Film-Crew , Share and Support!

Check Out at Indiegogo and Support.

Support A Short Action Video Short-Film by an All-Children Film Crew. A Learning Experience more than anything else.

Fight+Learn= FUN.

So, I have seen quite many videos by PW Nisher, Freddie Wong, Corridor Digital and Devin Graham, So the thought was, How about a video ourselves?.

I have been making short-films since some time but all of those were just a summer’s excuse for fun. It was a thought to really do something amazing and with stuff we have and your support, to make a short action video using battle gear that we have and some we could purchase that would coem in handy for fututre videos, and so a couple of days back, I sat and wrote a plot around which the action sequence will go on.

” A Secret agent is deployed to an area which is suspected to be an Enemy Undercover safehouse. He goes in with a maverick and there’s a sniper hiding on a terrace aiming at him and…..”

The script goes on, You choose the names, You choose the Nations, so its kind of a collective effort!

Well, I am very well trying to pull it down on budget and as its the first time, we’ll have it a go and so the funds I expect is 1000$. The rest if for us to handle, and friends come in handy!

What We Need & What You Get to Do!

We need Props, Professional help an HD Camera(Or I’ll manage with my Nikon P7100) , a lot of stuff for the sets kind of thing and quite a lot for the lot of people to be involved.

Now, I’m trying to use as much as we have, I mean whatever we have and can manage with without compromising much.

The Perks are a perfect breakdown. Sponsor what you want to, a gun or something else and well you can help me by supporting as well as adding you imagination to the script ( You guys decide names and the nations! )

I Don’t know if the funding goal is sufficient, anyway first time, to be honest but not the first in having crazy fights and messing with the camera!

Now, You’ll help me and sponsor ‘An all Children Film Crew’and the whole process would be much more of a learning experience than say just making it!

Spread the word if you think it’s amazing, aint it?

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