The Nokia Asha 305, why you should not buy.

Well it is kind of a tough decision , a temptation to resist buying such a stylish cool looking phone at a marvellous price.

When when I almost decided, I did read some customer reviews and realised that I better change my decision….

Here’s Why:
1. Resistive Touchscreen : Everybody says it cripples your experience, it does but also it’s also a good reason why you could anytime be frustrated with the trendy phone, It’s definitely a big point to consider. In itself
lt is enough to turn down your decision, imagine having to press your finger hard and then swipe, it’s a flaw, a major flaw.
2. The Camera ( 2MP ): Don’t expect to get even a phone camera quality image, it will be worse and you’ll laugh if you see the video output, You’ll have to adjust the weather and the sunlight when taking photos, that’s when you get mobile image output, now it has good image editing and stuff features, but the camera isn’t a good reason you should buy the Nokia 305.
If its only the look then it’s flawless inside-out, a new User Interface that is amazing with three swipe home screens and the stylish body, but it processes slow, touch screen is a issue and the camera. ;

Ad it comes with a cool pack of free EA Games and the Dual Sim Advantage!

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