Troubling New Experience of the IOS!

So, Now I do blog using my iPad.

It’s been hardly a month sunce I got mine and there is something funny about my new experience with the iOS.
So, I used to open up and use a lot of apps, then the easy center button, but wondered if there was something to close these apps or maybe multitasking or stuff things in the apple tablet using the iOS need not have to close or stuff, i didn’t know anything!
So, I got some of my cousins visit me, both of them, apple holding guys!
They were checking out my ipad, and hen suddenly they called me and were completely awe-struck!
I replied, “What?, I have a lot apps, you don’t download these many?”
The Answer came with a hearty laugh, ” LOL! These many Open Apps!”
(They were more than 50 applications open. 😛 )
TIP: Double-click the center button and a tray pops in, click holding on one icon and then click ‘ – ‘ .

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