The Earth Hour

Short Poetry on ‘The Earth Hour’. Odd time, huh?

A Year goes in waiting,

For just an hour,


It Isn’t just an hour,

It’s a sign of hope,

That we ought to save power,


Join a million people,

From Sydney to seattle,

All coming together,


It’s the epic hour,

The real rise of hope,

It’s earth hour,

The one that we all know,


Sixty minutes for the earth,

Sixty minutes for humanity,

A small act though,

But a beginning of something greater..


To change everybody,

All you need is belief,

Even if its small,

It makes a million,

Just switching off for an hour,

Light the beacon of the future,

That’s our real power,


It isn’t just an hour,

It’s rather a reminder,

That it’s time to wake up,

As there’s a world waiting,

But We are still just watching,



Washington to New Delhi,


Hong Kong to London,

They got to notice,

It’s time to act.


An idea made the world,

Go dark, but in darkness of hope,

That there is a lot of scope,


A little action,

A great impact,

Just an hour or a fraction,

Saves the environment, in fact!

Let’s all come together,

Under the moon,

For Sixty Minutes to Save the Earth,

And to light darkness of hope.


On March, the 23rd.

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