‘What’s my IQ?’ iOS Experience

Pay for the Bread Puzzle Solved!
I did download IQ HD from the app store and did try my hands on it. well spent much of my cheats for solutions, and struck at the ‘pay for the bread’ puzzle.
The concept of the game is really good, and the team has done a brilliant job on it, It’s full on innovation and tests your ( Second Brain?) .
Think Different to every puzzle and take that the obvious answer must be wrong and the guys behind have done some mishief to puzzle, dazzle and stuff that you end up spending all cheats. The game uses your device’s ‘accelerometer’ that is the sensing technology that figures out wher you turn your device around. Now I used my iPad 3 and was a fun experience you should try to get the solution and then puzzle your friends who’d obviously think conventional that it’s easy, But is isn’t, right?
Some Helpful Tips:
1. Take the obvious as wrong, though do try once!
2. The answer could be in the question! You need to be smart, not much intelligent for the game!
3. Rotate and shake the device on certain puzzles involving graphics or images, there may be some surprises!
4. Don’t frustrate yourself, chill out and come back again and in the end you may spend some of the cheats…. 😛

Ask for Help!
Want me to do a walkthrough?

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